Friday, March 03, 2006

Documenting Kitchen Experiments

Peanut Butter - Finally! And new on the schedule, Yogurt.

So I seem to make peanut butter for myself every couple of weeks. These, below, are being sent out to one of my excellent volunteer taste testers. Simple cinnamon is on the left, cinnamon chocolate is on the right. To my previous guinea pigs, I dumped a bunch more chocolate in that there peanut butter.

PS: Aren't their traveling togs adorable?

And on we go. My brother got me a yogurt maker for my birthday, and I couldn't be more excited. I started my first batch this afternoon and can't wait until tomorrow, when milk becomes lurvely yogurt.

Organic milk on the stove, heating up:

Bacterial starter in the form o' organic plain yogurt (Wondertwin powers, activate!)

Milk off the heat, cooling down to the point where the starter can be added:

Adding the starter (mixed with a bit of the heated milk) to the milk:

Filling up the containers:

Snuggling the containers in their warm and toasty home:

Plugged in, and with cover on, milk begins to turn into yogurt:

To be continued...

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