Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hey You, I Know You! I Know You!

I know you! Seriously, I don't even remember what 80's movie I'm quoting, but I can hear the sing-song way the lines above were delivered, and can see the pointing finger dance that goes with it.

That being said, not only is one of my favourite profs from library school (Indexing and Classification. Which makes we wonder why I was suprised to see him on the presenter list) giving a seminar at the Information Architecture Summit this weekend, but someone that I had an Archiving class with, who is currently enrolled in the PhD program at my old school, is presenting a paper as well.

Holy crap, I said. And then tracked them down to say hello.

Today, thinking of the random strangers, along with kids from my Masters program that I haven't talked to in the four years that have passed since graduation, I have come to the conclusion that I really don't have a shred of shyness left in me. Which, I think, people from my past-past would totally and completely think I was lying about.

Okay, back to the conference, kids.


Anonymous said...

hey, you. i know you. i know you.

it is from saturday night nive where Martin short is a synchronized swimming.

just thought i would tell you.

Melissa said...

Oh, excellent! Also, I am aghast that the synchro skit completely slipped my mind, because nose plugs and water wings? Funniest thing ever.

Thanks for the heads-up!