Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What Happens When You Order an Ugly But Crazy Warm Pair of Winter Boots?

Ones that are waterproof even? And on crazy sale?

It snows like a son of a bitch the day before they're scheduled to arrive, that's what.

I take the blame for the snow fall.

I take the blame for purchasing super ugly boots. But the Sorels? They will keep feet toasty. And my cute shoes, which will be accompanying me in a cute little bag, will remain water and salt stain free.

I realized that I was an adult when I started the ugly practical shoes and boots on feet when necessary / switched out for cuteness once I arrived at my desk thing started happening in my life. Mortgage, what? Not even close. Shoe swap all the way.


collin said... uggs?

Melissa said...

I draw the line at Fashion Victim Ugly, mister.

collin said...

speaking of fashion victim...i got these bad boys coming in the mail. they be no uggs tho. please don't think less of me ;)

Melissa said...

Collin, you are a man of my own heart.

PS1: If MTV Canada plays The Hills - Lauren Looks Back, you will be stunned by its brilliance.

PS2: Aftershow Dan? Eugene Levy's son! Who knew?