Friday, December 28, 2007

It's an Ice Cream Social

In the New Year, I'm going to be hosting my first ever Columbus get together. I figured that since the furniture is now in my new apartment that I should have people over to come and sit on it. But not in a Happy Days way.

No, this isn't the first time that The Fonz has made an appearance on It's a Monkey. And it probably won't be the last.

But back to the Ice Cream Social That's right, instead of hoisting homemade ice cream on unsuspecting co-workers in the office, I'm having people over with the express purpose of getting their sugar on.

Because ice cream, though easy to make, takes a time - for every batch, you need at least 24 hours for the base to chill (and sometimes more for flavours to infuse) before tossing it in the ice cream maker, I decided to start a couple weeks early and get those suckers out of the way.

Currently sitting in my freezer is a container of Cream Cheese Ice Cream that I turned this morning. Tomorrow will see a completed batch of Roasted Banana Ice Cream made from the base currently sitting in my fridge, chilling like, ah, The Fonz. And tomorrow will be Chocolate Cinnamon Cayenne's turn.

Accompanying the frozen will be a mess of cupcakes that I'll be busting out of the oven the day of the social - a deep, rich chocolate, a lovely vanilla, and, one of my favourites, a chocolate chip cheesecake filling plopped in the middle of a chocolate cake base. I'm also planning on offering a beaten chocolate ganache and a vanilla buttercream as icings.

And because not everyone can deal with all sugar all the time, I'm also putting out a cheeseplate. I'm thinking maybe Manchego, Wensleydale with Cranberry and Saint Andre. And possibly something else. Any requests? Because, apparently, that's all dairy all the time. And, unless anyone has any other suggestions, the cheese will be accompanied by Kashi TLC Party Crackers. Because those crackers? They're a PARTY.

Also, there will be wine - a selection of reds and whites.

Wine and desserts and cheese. Really, what could be better?


roro said...

Sounds great! What can I bring?

Melissa said...

Just your own sweet self, lady!

B & B said...

If you don't serve Stilton because you don't like it, well I can respect that. But if you don't serve Stilton because you can't be bothered, well geez Melissa, I don't even want to know you.

Melissa said...

What, the Wensleydale isn't British enough for you?

I am now thinking about refusing to offer Stilton just because you love it so. I am contrary like that.