Thursday, December 27, 2007

In Which I Almost Puke, Make Out Like a Bandit, and Show You Cheap, But Awesome, Art

1. Almost Puking

On Sunday, I flew on back to Canada for the holidays. Flights between Columbus and Toronto are handled by wee little planes that, when bursting at the seams, seat, perhaps, 40 people. Sunday was a windy, windy day, and for the first time ever, I saw merit in including a barf bag in the backs of airplane seats. There's nothing worse then that heaving stomach and sweaty hot flash that accompanies the urge to puke.

The puke urge, however, was defeated, and shook an angry fist at me while I laughed at its anger as it was banished from my body.

Then I landed in Toronto. There was snow on the ground. That almost made me puke again.

2. Making Out Like a Bandit

My family gets all crazy-like with the gift giving. Crazy-like, I say. Because on top of all of the awesomeness of seeing my parents and my brother, and the thoughtful things they all did for me, I ended up taking home a completely surprise gift.

Ever wanted a GPS that could speak to you in the voice of Mr T?

I did. AND GUESS WHAT I HAVE NOW! And while I still have to get my ass in gear and download Mr T (download Mr T!), I am delighted with the mere prospect.

And because I love my brother, I now planning on sending him on quarterly "buying" visits to LuluLemon. Don't say I never do anything for you, mister.

3. Showing You Cheap Art

Well, not cheap, but an inexpensive way to get some art on your walls, sucka.

I adore Trish Grantham's work - really, I do. Read this old post, and you'll see!

Recently, she and her partner formed a company to produce products, in small runs, from excellent artists. The first couple of items on offer are postcards and notecards bearing Grantham's work.

So I gots me a set of postcards. And a frame. And mixed them together and threw it on my wall.


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