Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow Turns to Rain, and Going to the Doctor is Like Shopping

In the shiny, hopeful start of winter in Columbus, a gentle snow might fall. Snow flakes that are huge and light and delicate might fall, languidly from the sky, and they might just pile up on top of each other.

Things look lovely. Columbus residents freak the fuck out and drive like they've been caught out in a flash blizzard. And then the rain starts, and the snow disappears.

I find that turn from snow to rain immensely satisfying. Especially when I hear about the mountain of wet, heavy snow that is currently piling up in Toronto, Chicago and Boston.

Completely unrelated to the weather, I had my first US doctors appointment last week. And I swear, anything that you pay for and lets you leave with samples to try out is shopping, goddamnit!

Oh, my bookcases arrived! Once I put them in place, I remembered that the only books that I had brought with me were my cookbooks, and that my mass o' tomes are currently living in boxes in my brother's basement. Whoops? At least they'll have a place to sit when I do bring them down!

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