Monday, October 23, 2006

Trading Off the Good for the So Bad It's Good

I have a deal with myself. Every time I purchase a CD from a major label, I have to buy a CD from an indie band as well, to mitigate the evil. Looking at it in a different light, every time I buy an indie band's CD, I give myself the chance to buy a major label album as well. But that's also to mitigate the evil. Because rock'n'roll? It's the devil's music. Because of the ass-shaking, you see.

That being said, I was in BestBuy (yes, I know, evil) today, purchasing headphones so I can watch work-related video clips on my computer without driving people in my area of the office crazy (the good). I stopped by the CD section and picked up the following:

The Lemonheads - s/t: The latest Lemonheads record. Oh, Evan. Also, Become the Enemy (listen to it via their MySpace page) is currently my most special favourite song that I've heard this year.

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Knives Don't Have Your Back: I will confess that I haven't gotten around to listening to this one yet, but I adore Haine's stuff with Metric, so I can't think of a reason that I won't love her solo stuff. I will say that the packaging on this baby? Beautiful, beautiful.

Justin Timberlake - Futuresex / Lovesounds: When he shouted he was bringing sexy back, he meant it. Not as fun as his first solo disc, Justified. I feel like he really wanted to name it Music to Make Babies To, and that he really wants to be Barry White for the kids who only know Barry White as the guy on the Whacking Day (whacking!) episodes of the Simpsons. I also feel that if this record had a scent, it would be musk.

Beyonce - B-Day
: Much more even and consistant then Dangerously in Love, but lacks the crazy excellence of songs like "Crazy in Love".

That is all.


Molly said...

How's the Lemonheads record?

Melissa said...

Love it. Dando is in top form, and not surprisingly, makes other people's songs (Hello, Tom Morgan!) his own. I love it 12x more then Car Button Cloth.

I am considering braving the cold December post-seminar in Toronto to see them play at Lee's Palace in Toronto.