Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Friends Shouldn't Live So Far Away

Because it makes me sad.

It makes me happy when they come and visit, and when I go visit them, but when leave must be taken, it fills my little head with melancholy. Even though it means I have people to spend time with in excellent places like Vancouver and Chicago and New York...Oh, I need to get over myself.

Confidential link to Kate: Thomas Haas.


Drew said...

Tell me about it! The only good thing would be getting some of those Thomas Haas chocolates for winter solstice.

Melissa said...

You and me, both, mister. You and me, both.

Jody said...

What an ironic, timely post M.

I'm just off the Toronto on Monday, then to Chicago and Winnipeg before going back home to Van.

And it's to visit friends who've I've not seen in too long.

One is a blogger buddy I've never met before, which is a touch weird. Should be fun though.

Jody said...

Jesus F. Just noticed my grammatical slip and can't correct it or delete. I don't know why your blog gives me trouble with commenting. Silly.

Otherwise I would do so more :-(

Melissa said...

Oh, J, I hope you have a great trip! Meeting internet friends for the first time is always a hilarious event. Especially if you walk up to them in the middle of a crowded restuarant and say in your best Inter-nerd voice, "Are you my Internet friend?"

Not that I've done that or anything.


Anyway, I think the issue with the commenting has to do with the new Blogger Beta platform. I'm hoping the Blogger kids will get the kinks worked out quickly!

Kate said...

I, too, am a little melancholy. But I believe Thomas Haas can help with that. Chocolates, everyone, chocolates! (in her best Mr. Roarke impression).