Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Flush of Good Health

You may have noticed a change in appearance around these here parts. That's because I'm a-going Pink for October.

Lets face it - someone you might know, someone you might love, someone you might be, has been affected by breast cancer. And even though it's important to spread awareness and raise money for research aimed at combating the disease year-round, it's also important to turn other people's attention to the issue with a very focused, month-long campaign to spread the word.

So while you're thinking about breast cancer, examining your own boobahs (you too, owners of the man-boobs, or, perhaps, "pecs" is more to your liking), and considering donating to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation / American Breast Cancer Foundation, why not do something even easier?

If you have your own blog, our your own site, or if you make use of Yahoo's homepage as a starting off point on the web, why don't you see if you can turn those pink as well? Do a little to spread the word. Because, like GI Joe says, "Knowing is half the battle".


Mom said...

Well done.
Did you know that if you donate to the United Way you can ear mark your donation to go to the Breast Cancer Foundation? I think the forms are available through the HR department at Petro Can.

Melissa said...

I did know that, however, I don't participate in work-place helmed fundraising campaigns. I just don't think it's appropriate for my place of employment to have a view of where my donations are going.