Monday, June 19, 2006

Sometimes Airflight Can Be Awesome

On my flight to Calgary yesterday, a woman sitting in the row in front of me was wearing a hat. Not just any hat, but a hat that would make Blossom proud. Made of felt? Turned up brim all the way around? Bedazzled with mutlicoloured rhinestones? Check. Check. CHECK.

Also, apparently, the crazy old man with the greasey Brillcreamed man-dyed hair that insisted on wandering about and making people join him in conversation was Walter Gretzkey, Wayne's dad. Who knew? Apparently hockey fans who raised a fuss and the flight attendants who wished him a Happy Father's Day.

The end.


Mom said...

It least you weren't stuck on a plane with "Fucking Tom Cruise" LOL

Melissa said...

The weird thing was that he really reminded me of Uncle Stanley. So I'm not quite sure if it was better then the Fucking Tom Cruise situation