Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Plague of Squirrels Upon Your House!

While leaving my house for work this morning, I opened my door to the strangest scene I have ever beheld with my own eyes.

From the trees in the ravine that my building backs onto, and the trees lining the walkway from my door to the building that houses my garage, poured a veritable waterfall of brown and grey and black squirrels.

All a-chitter, making a noise I can only describe as what a rabbit pretending to be a pig would sound like, they scurried down tree trunks, burst into a full run when they hit the ground, then skidded to a stop, and sat back on their haunches, peering into the sky. Still oinking like rabbits (pretending to be pigs), they would then dash off across the compound in the opposite direction from where they came.

I stood in my doorway, eyes even wider then usual, watching the craziness on the lawn in front of me. When 20 or so had passed, and the herd of stampeding squirrels seemed to be thinning out, I took a chance and started to walk gingerly to the garage eyes darting all about, ready to throw myself out of the way of any agitated fur face who might just get the idea that I'd be a nice obsticle to tree themselves in as they attempt to alude whatever Stephen King-like preditor that is now lurking in the woods outside my house.

If you don't hear from me again, take that as a sign that the monster that is now making it's home outside my home has eaten me alive. I hope I went quickly, and gave it a good punch to the throat.

PS: CNTM Episode #3 recap to come later on today.

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