Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Canadian Idol Freaks Me Out

Which is probably why I can only watch one or two episodes a season until I have to run away, hands covering my horrified eyes.

This year's freakout is centered around this young man, 16-year-old Craig "Craigee" Sharpe.

While watching his first live performance last night, I was struck by how every hobbit-like he looked. And then I was struck by the fact that the young man sounded like a very not-manly Christina Aguilera when singing. And talking. Except a Christina Aguilera with a Newfoundland accent. Oh, Frodo Aguilera, look what you're doing to my poor, crazy brain!

And then I realized that I'm just way too old to be so very fascinated at the possible, and only in my head, probabilty of emerging Middlesex reality-tv drama on CTV. But not really, because I'm still thinking about it, far too intently, in fact.



Drew said...

But does the boy have hairy feet? That's how you truly know a hobbit. Either way, I'm all for him!

Melissa said...

I dunno about the hairy feet, Drew, but I do think I spotted man-boobs under his polo. At least, I think they were man-boobs. Maybe just boobs?

That's the mystery

Drew said...

I just threw up a little...in my mouth...