Monday, June 26, 2006

I Very Much Wish...

...for a graphic desinger to magic me up a logo so I can get my ass some customized stationary.

...that having customized stationary would make me write more so I could send note cards (oh, note cards, I love you!) or letters.

...that more stationary designers in Canada would set up webshops, dammit!

...for cherry season to never end.

...that none of the sad-sack horrors (Cowboy, I'm looking at you!) make it on to Big Brother 7: All Stars. PS: I am delighted at the possibility of Will (Metal. Not metal.) being back on TV. Funniest reality TV "villian" ever.

...that the Canadian casting episode for Rockstar: Supernova hadn't been so goddamn hilarious that I'll have to watch the series when it starts up for real this summer. And that bitter, bitter Trevor from SoulDecision hadn't seen the light and dropped out of the pre-competition before being given the boot. Kinda faded is right, young man.

...that I didn't watch so much TV.


roro said...

Oh my god. SoulDecision! I loved that one hit wonder band! Poor, bitter Trevor . . .

Melissa said...

I did too...even more so because a friend at the time played drums in their band. And I had to reassure him that even indie kids had to take jobs that put food on the table.