Sunday, November 25, 2007

Circuit City, Here's Why I Won't Be Your Customer

Just in case you were wondering. But from my experience with you over the past two weeks, I'm thinking you probably don't care.

See, on November 11, I ordered something from your website. It was an item that was being replaced by a new model, and, as such, was on sale. I was happy. I paid for 3-day shipping. And when November 16 rolled around and my hands were still empty, I went into my account summary and order history on your website to see just what could have happened. And the tracking number associated with my order? Turns out it wasn't valid in the FedEx system. Curious! My next step was to phone your Customer Service line.

Problem 1: Your customer service line is only manned between 9 AM - 7PM, Monday - Friday. Because, apparently, even though I used your website to order and pay for a product, the Internet, and the demands for 24 hour support, doesn't exist in your world!

The CSR I spoke to, while pleasant, directed me to call FedEx. And then call back to tell you what they had to say.

Problem 2: What? Seriously now.

So I called FedEx. Who reiterated the fact that the tracking number you gave me wasn't valid in their system. And that my address wasn't even a destination for any package that they currently had possession of.


So I call you Customer Support line. And while I'm issued a case number, I'm then told that Circuit City policies prevent anyone from doing anything about my undelivered, paid for product for 2 business days. And that I would have to call back to follow up. And that Circuit City has reserved the right to not actually do anything at all about the matter - issuing a replacement, or a refund - for 15 business days after that.

Problem 3: Circuit City policies? Chap my ass like nothing else. Also, again with the business days.

Problem 4: I'm doing way too much work here for something that is obviously not of my control, and has nothing to do with my part of the transaction.

On November 20 - don't forget that weekends don't count as business days! - I call back. And am told that I'd have to talk to Customer Service at head office. When I'm transfered over, the CSR I talk to tells me that a member of the Special Team (Special!) would have to investigate the case, and that they would call me within 48 - 72 BUSINESS HOURS. And hey, US Thanksgiving is on Nov 22! And guess who does business on Thanksgiving day. No one, that's who.

Problem 5: What about my part of the transaction is there to investigate? I am at a complete loss.

48 business hours passes, and I hear from no one, so I call head office Customer Support, again, on November 23.

Guess what? I've been assigned a case worker! Who will contact me within 24-72 business hours.

I swear to God, I feel the urge to punch throats.

Apparently, my case worker holds office hours on Saturday, because late afternoon of November 24, I receive a phone call.

Guess what, now! No, seriously, guess.

The item I bought? NOW OUT OF STOCK, and, remember, as it's being phased out by the manufacturer, won't ever, ever be in stock again. And my refund? Will be issued in 5 - 7 business days. BUSINESS DAYS.

Blood boiling. And a "Jesus Fucking Christ" may have popped out of my mouth.

Problem 6: Customer Service didn't even offer to send me the replacement model at a discount.

My solution? Jump in the car, drive to Best Buy, and purchase the new, replacement model. Which, at this point in time, I feel I should have done in the first place. Because the possibility of saving $100 pales in comparison to the hoops you made me jump through due to utter incompetence on your part.

And that is why I will never give you any of my money again.


Collin said...

i can imagine the takes a lot to get a "JFC" out of me...

call your cc company and tell them that they stole your number and are making false transaction and refuse to refund your money.

if that doesn't work, next time i'm south border..i'll cut a bitch!!!!

Melissa said...

Sweet Collin, I think of you every time I watch Kimora Lee Simmons: Life in the Fab Lane on VH1.

Also, I introduced the notion of throat punching in a meeting last week. Why can I never leave that one alone?

Anonymous said...

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