Thursday, November 22, 2007

Let Us Talk of Savvy Circle

I like things. That ain't no surprise, right? I'm now living in a country with a really great e-commerce landscape. Oh, heavenly - there's nothing better then not having to deal with the craziness that is physical shopping areas during the holiday season.

Now, while I have no objection to paying full price on items that I want, I'm still a fan of that thing called "the sale". And now there's a website that will keep track of things that I'd like to buy, once they go on sale, so I don't have to remember to come back and look at a a certain item on a certain website just to see if, possibly, the price has dropped.
is such an excellent idea, I wish it had been mine. You register at the site, download their plugin to your browser, and when you look around on any of the sites that they support and see something you'd like to keep track of, you click the little SavvyCircle button that now lives at the top of your browser. That items is then placed on your personal shopping list at SavvyCircle, and the instant it goes on sale, you receive an email telling you just that.

And that's how I ended up ordering these two dresses from Anthropologie, both priced at 50% their original price.

The Cut Rush Dress, by Velvet

And the Busy Day Dress by Splendid

An interesting note: US Debit Cards are backed by credit card companies! And you can use them just like credit cards, in person and on websites that offer online shopping. Cash is still directly debited from your account, but for someone starting out in a new country, where a credit rating is completely non-existent, and getting a credit card can be a many month process, this is a revelation and a godsend. Because in Canada, debit cards are bank-supported only, and you can't really shop online with those suckers.

Also, I would kill to find out who made the decision to build the Anthro site in Flash. Because sharing pictures of what you've bought by image linking? IMPOSSIBLE. And like any good member of an Online Social Community, I'm all about the sharing. Which, in turn, will generally drive traffic back to the place where I purchase things. I'm just saying, Team Anthro.


Collin said...

you hate flash because you hate freedom...

pardon me while i skip intro...

Melissa said...

Hey Collin? Click here. And you know what HERE I'm pointing at.