Sunday, November 11, 2007

OH MAN. All of a Sudden, I am 16 Again.

Yesterday morning, I went to the BMV to register my car, get plates and get my ass an Ohio driver's license.

Prior to even crossing the border, I had emailed the BMV to find out what I'd need to do to, well, do all of the above. I showed up, all my documents in hand. I had a title created and registered my car. I got new license plates. And I was blindsided when I was told that I would have to (a) sit a written test, and (b) take part in a road test, in order to get a license.

Written test. Road test. Hahaha - ahhhhhhhhhhhh. Gar.

Now, none of the three people that I talked to at the BMV mentioned any kind of testing whatsoever. Hence the suprise. And hence the need to study Ohio driving laws. And hence the banging of my head against my desk.

To alleviate the frustration, I went furniture shopping this morning.

This couch will arrive at my place this week:

Dove-gray microsuede!

This armchair and two bookcases had to be special ordered.

The armchair is going to be upholstered in a great dark-background circular patterned covering that will tie in the gray with the current white couch that I have in my place. The bookcases are black stained wood, to go with the rest of my wood pieces. Unfortunately, they'll take 6-8 weeks to arrive, but will be work the wait, I think.

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Andrea said...

when I moved here in '01, I held off getting my licence for awhile, since I expected I would have to take a test. Eventually I succumbed, and found I only needed to take the 'written' portion (which is actually on a computer). The most challenging part involved the speed limits (MPH).

Are you aware of all the paperwork you may need to provide as a TN visa holder? Sometimes (but not always), they will ask for a copy of your visa, a letter from your employer stating you still work there, as well as your SSN card and your passport itself. Fun fun...

--your fellow Canadian resourcian