Saturday, November 17, 2007

Alright, Pictures, Finally

I'm still waiting on the armchair and bookshelves to arrive, but the couch is here, and I couldn't resist putting up the art!

Here's one side of my living room:

And the other:

See those two little pieces beside the door? I got those today at Tiny Canary, an indie design market going on in-town this weekend. They're by Mark Traughber, who's work I've been wanting to snap up for a while. I was stoked when I read that he'd be in town! I feel like I'll need to buy one of his bigger pieces in the near future, because check out how awesome these are! Art Crush to the Extreme.


collin said...

i like your coffee table

Melissa said...

Oh, thanks! It's an accidental coffee table. I had these Ikea side tables, and an Ikea kitchen table. Without an eat-in kitchen, I was at a loss at what to do with the table, but then it hit me - Ikea Furniture Mash-Up 2.0 in my living room! Stagger the side tables, throw the glass table top on top, and, holy crap, coffee table.