Saturday, December 17, 2005

So Good! (Falls Down)

The Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream I made this morning. Holy. And also, Crap. Seriously, kids, I really do think the ice cream maker was one of the best things that I have bought this year. And now I think that you all need one.


Today, out of the blue, I was reminded of a TV show that I haven't thought of in years. A show that may have, in part, been a reason behind the 8 months that I spent in Australia a bargazillion years ago.

Oh, Home and Away, how hilarious you are. Of all of the bad Australian soap operas I watched as a teenager, you were, by far, the worst. And, in turn, also the best. Because you were the worst. Oh, my.

"You couldn't read instructions if they were written a mile high in whiskey bottles, and that's saying something! "

Indeed it is, Alf. Indeed, it is.

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