Friday, December 09, 2005

An Open Letter to Rick Springfield

Dear, dear Rick ~

I don't know if you realize how much it pains me to write this. It pains me like a 45lbs plate weight dropped on the ring finger of my left hand, that's how much it hurts. And why? Why am I so distressed? Because watching your guest appearance on General Hospital has forced me to come to a horrible, horrible conclusion: as an actor, you stink.

Please, just stop.

Thank you, and good night.


amy corinne said...

I forgot about Rick on GH! Is he gone?

Melissa said...

No, he's still there! Apparently, when the news broke, the fan reaction was so good that they turned his four episodes into a stay of unspecified length. I speculate he'll be there FOREVER. Or, at least, until Noah Drake repairs his relationship with his son. Who is also, surprise, a brilliant neurosurgeon who just happens to work at General Hospital.