Thursday, December 15, 2005

Its Gotta be Time for Another Injury Post

Not that I've up and hurt myself again, nono, but this post is dedicated to a past injury. A past injury that was misdiagnosed.

Remember three weeks ago when I crushed my finger at the gym? The doctor that looked at my x-rays that morning told me that I hadn't fractured the bone, and that I had a mere soft tissue injury.

That doctor, apparently, knows not how to read x-rays.

I went to my GP this morning because I've become quite concerned over the fact that my finger is still sauage-swollen, that I can't grip completely with it, and that it still hurts. She had the radiologist report. The radiologist report that stated, quite clearly, that the bone had been fractured.

Meanwhile, because it hadn't healed, I'd been envisioning a horrible future filled with microsurgery and tendon and / or ligament problems plaguing me for life.

So, emergency room doctor, I shake my fist, my fist with broken finger, at you. In anger!


ZigKvetch said...

Oh no! Poor you. What are they going to do to treat it? Can you report that quack? Your poor finger- how are you able to work?

Melissa said...

Stinky doctor. But there really was nothing else that could've been done as treatment, so the fury as abated. In fact, I reckon that things will be back to normal in a few more weeks.

It ain't winter until someone breaks a bone!

Roro said...

Shake it gently - GENTLY!! And then maybe rub some chocolate on it.