Monday, September 24, 2007


Regarding television shows, of course.

This week is absolutely lousy with the new and returning series. And as I'll be crashing out at my parents' place from Wednesday to Friday, and they have no DVR (NO DVR), I'm actually faced with the decision - even with their satellite provider's time shifting option - of which shows to watch, and which


And so, I give up on Life so I can see Dirty Sexy Money. I give up on Private Practice so I can watch Bionic Woman. I give up on My Name is Earl and Survivor China so I can watch Ugly Betty. My favourites from seasons past are safe, so far.

This concerns me too much, I know. And the next month should be good for me, I know that too. But I can't wait until I set up my own cable account and get my ass all DVRd-up again.

Confidential to Kate: You must find a way to get me Project Runway Canada!

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roro said...

No DVR?? Nooooo!!!!!

You are a very brave woman. We will do our best with PRC.