Monday, September 17, 2007

I Watched a Couch Fly Through the Air

And an armchair. And then another armchair.

When I bought my condo, I stole my parents' old family room set. The only way the overstuffed and unwieldy pieces could make it into my place was by having them hefted over the balcony and through the extra-wide patio door.

One thing that I didn't get around to this year was replacing that couch and those chairs. So, instead of moving them down to Columbus with me, I called up and had them come in to take care of those suckers.

Reminiscent of MuchMusic's yearly Christmas Tree Toss, those babies flew through the air like nothing I've ever seen before. And the 12-year-old boy that lives inside my brain shouted with glee.

My place looks so empty, and is almost all packed up.

It almost doesn't feel like my home any more.

I guess that's a good thing.

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Peter said...

From that house there has come so much life that it ought never to die or fall into ruin . . . For me that house was a gateway to America.

- Pearl S. Buck