Sunday, September 02, 2007

I Don't Know What To Tell You

I'm just so focused on getting my act together with the up-coming move to Columbus, I feel like that's all I've been doing, and all I've been thinking, and all I've got to tell you. And that's already tired, I'm sure.

So. Soooooo. Hey there. You're looking good.

Yeah, that's not gonna cut it. So here's a stuffed felt doughnut from Sewdorky instead. Enjoy.


roro said...


Melissa said...

Dude, I know, right? Cute fake food is the best art ever, I reckon.

Kate said...

You know what makes great art .. fake food in cool collage form. I'll bet a donut would go nicely beside our daisy.

Maybe once you're settled in Columbus (b/c that will take like, what, 2 seconds ;)) maybe I'll commission another piece. But shhh .. don't tell roro.

Melissa said...

That would be so awesome. We totally need to keep this on the Q-T, though. So Rose, you didn't read either of these comments.