Thursday, September 06, 2007

In Which I Tell You a Tale of Real Estate

I've been hesitant to say anything for fear of jinxing the deal, but remember when I told you that you should by my condo? Well, you snooze, you loose.

My condo went on the market the evening of August 23. The morning of August 25th saw me weighing two offers, and deciding on one of them. Last week, I received signed waivers that the buyers were able to secure financing, and that the building inspection made them happy enough to not ask for anything to be fixed or funded.

Today? Today, the final condition was met, as their lawyer went over the condo's status certificate with them, and they signed off on the agreement as a whole.

Closing date: September 27
Date on crossing the border to make Columbus my new home: September 29

Sometimes, things really are just meant to be, I think.


Peter said...

Congratulations, Melissa! That must be a gargantuan load off your mind. Home sales don't always go that easily - trust me!

I think I'm safe in saying you're going to be hugely missed around these parts, but I hope your new home becomes everything you want it to be.

If you have nowhere to stay on the 28th you're welcome to sleep on my couch. I have big fluffy pillows.

Melissa said...

Thanks Peter!

Fortunately, I gots me parents in town, and I'l be a-crashing there.

roro said...

Woohoo! Congrats on the sale! That's spectacular.

Are you already coveting abodes in Columbus?

Melissa said...

Aw, thanks, sweet Rose!

I am kind of starting to covet, as that's what I do, but thankfully, the company is putting me up in a corporate apartment for 45 days, so I'll have time to find a place that doesn't reek of desperation. What's even nicer is that they're also hooking me up, prior to my arrival, with a relocation agent that specializes in rentals.