Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Am a Bandit

Or, at least I make out like one.

And by make out, I mean run away from people that I love, gifts from them in hand.

Today was my final day at work. For those that have been wondering, for the past five years, I've had the joy - and I seriously mean that - of working on the E-Business team at Petro-Canada as Senior Coordinator, Interaction Strategy and Design. Yes, it was my plan to have the longest title in the department. It's the little (long?) things, you know?

Thinking back, I really can't believe that it's been five years. Or that I really had the opportunity to work with such amazing, smart and funny people.

I found myself on the verge of blubbering like a two year old a few times today. But, like a Buckingham Palace Guard, I managed to keep my composure. And I wasn't even wearing a silly hat. But it was hard. Very, very hard. At times, I wished I had the silly hat to hide behind.

Guys, I know you're reading this, and I know I've already said it to your faces, but I really do mean it. I'll miss you. You're all talented, beautiful people. And I will hunt you down and kill you all if you don't keep in touch.

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