Saturday, June 02, 2007

I Have a New Robot

One of my dearest, funniest obsessions are robots. Whether it's doing the robot, telling people about the wonder that is Robot Frank, or pretending that the things I buy just might be robots in disguise, I feel like this one is a healthy and hilarious obsession. Unlike the one I have with pirates. Which just gets me into trouble.

The newest addition to my robot family is the Cat Eye Astrale 8. She sits, perched on the handles of my bike, telling me the distance I've peddled, the speed I'm barreling along at, the maximum speed I've hit on a ride, the average speed, how long I've been peddling for, the actual time o' day, and, most importantly, the cadence of my peddling.

This morning, I went out on a hill ride, and started training myself to keep a constant cadence -
peddling more or less forcefully, and switching gears up and down to keep an effective and efficient ride. And it freaking ruled.

Apropos of nothing, here's a confession: I'm currently watching a reairing of the Miss Universe Pagent for two reasons:

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