Thursday, June 21, 2007

Four Things

I am excited: I'll be eating at Charlie Trotters with lovely, lovely friends next month.

I am delighted: I emailed David Lebovitz to tell him about how much I love his new ice cream recipe book, The Perfect Scoop, and to relate my successful substitution of homemade, natural peanut butter in one of his recipes, and he wrote back! There's nothing more excellent then when talented, busy people display excellent, witty manners.

I am a dick: I once decided that it was important to know how many push-ups (real push-ups, mind you, none of this girlie stuff) I could do in one go. Count: 46.

I am gleeful: Canada's Next Top Model has evolved from embarrassing to awesome (fierce!) in the space of a season. Thank God for Jay Manuel, and the extra production budget and guests that having him as host brings. The best thing heard on last night's episode? "Whose penis is this?"

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