Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Of Cherry Flavoured Beverages, Bowling and Jewellery Classes

Dear Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke,

I had high hopes for you. In my misspent youth, I loved your sister, Cherry Coke, with an abandon, and wept when I could no longer find you on shelves where I am. But you? You are a disappointment.

Don't get me are pretty. And even a little classy looking. But to taste? You are naught but unappealing.

The black cherry taste? But an afterthought

The vanilla? Artificial and overwhelming the cola.

And neither...neither can do anything to cover up the taste of aspartame.

I will continue to pledge my allegiance to Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper. Because she? She rocks the house.

That being said, I have 11 cans of the stuff. Anyone I see face-to-face want them? Lemme know.


Random suprise-pre-wedding celebrations for co-workers at bowling alleys are an excellent way to break-up a work week.


So I make jewellery, right? But I'm always a little scared that it will fall apart, due to the fact that I've taught myself how to make these things. So I've gone and registered for a 12-week jewellery and bead making course at the local fine arts college, starting in September.

And you're all receiving my homework as gifts!


Joe D. said...

Hey there stranger.

I've stumbled across your blog. Nice style.

I wasn't going to post a message, until I saw your reno pictures. Ha, it's so neat to see and hear how the competition works.

Ciao for now.


Melissa said...

Joe, I'm glad you did pipe up! It's nice to see new faces around here.

As for the reno, I can't even begin to talk about it right now because of the anger and the fury. I am hoping for a completed bathroom next Friday. A good month and a half after the damn thing was started. Bah!

Joe D. said...

Yeah that is bad. I usually bang them off in 2-3 weeks.

Not that it matters in any way, my portfolio is linked on my page.

Now back to grouting. Ugh.