Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I Think There Might Be A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Although I fear by stating such that the exact opposite will come true. But, still - today I met with my renovation project's new project manager, and their countertop supplier came in to measure my cabinets for their top.

Is the end actually in sight?

I sure hope so. Stumbling between two bathrooms on two different floors in order to get ready for work in the morning? Sometimes, in and of itself turns into a comedy of errors.

And talking about Shakespeare (what?), a quick shout of delight (and despair) that the final season of the amazing Slings & Arrows is airing right now. Adoration for Paul Gross, Martha Burns, Don McKellar, Susan Coynes and Mark McKinney, and goon-like clapping for this season's guest stars, Sarah Polley and William Hutt. Also, I adore King Lear.

That is all.

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