Sunday, January 13, 2008

Without a Dope Beat to Step To

I really shouldn't have left you all like that. Being busy really isn't an excuse, I know, but I return with pictures?

Last night, I hosted an Ice Cream Social - which, really, was like a 5-year-old's birthday party, but with wine. And because I am one of those people, I took pictures of the spread before people started a-coming through the door.

Here's the run-down...

Made by me: vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, ganache, vanilla butter cream, chocolate chip cheesecake cupcakes, toasted coconut.

Bought: two types of candy sprinkles, three types of Kashi party cookies, vegetable tray, and the start of the cheese section of the table.

A close up of the chocolate chip cheesecake cupcakes.

Again with the crackers and the veg tray. The cheeses on the board: Drunken Goat, Manchego, White Cheddar. And on the plate: St. Andre and Wensleydale with Cranberry.

Behind: homemade raspberry sauce.

Behind the ice creams are pistachios and graham cracker pieces.

A close up of the ice creams. I made these as well. In the back: Cheesecake. Front left: Roasted Banana. Front Right: Chocolate Cinnamon Cayenne.

Missing from the photos: excellent cupcakes Andrea brought from Bakery Gingham.

Amy Mo took this photo of the wines, just as they began to multiply like rabbits. I started out with 6 bottles on hand. Four went out in the recycling this morning, but I now have 10 sitting on one of my selves? How does that happen?

Also welcomed into my house is an excellent candle from the much beloved Paul Robinette, a super sweet pizza wheel (do I see a pizza party in the future? Why, yes I do!), and a beautiful print by Camilla Engman.

The people I know are amazingly generous. Yes, with the gifts they brought with them, but even more so for their company and friendship. I am getting maudlin. So I will stop now.


roro said...

I am really disgusted that you didn't make your own cheese. What kind of a slacker ARE you??

Seriously, it looks like the most delicious bash ever!! I think you need to take that show on the road, missy. Like, to Vancouver.

Melissa said...

Lady, you set up a kitchen for me, and I'm there.

Andrea said...

You didn't have wine at your 5th grade birthday party?

Great, great time, thanks again! Although I should have snuck some raspberry sauce to go with the cheesecake ice cream :)

Melissa said...

I'm glad you came! And questioned your decision to leave without take-away raspberry sauce.

collin said...

manchego is the cheese of gods