Sunday, October 07, 2007

Things Are Starting to Feel More Real

And more permanent. Yesterday, lead around by a relocation specialist, I toured a few apartments. And found myself a place to live.

Being a renter again feels weird. Really, really weird. But it's nice to know that in a month, I'll be in a place of my own choosing. On November 7, I'll be in a place that will give me all this:

  • A 889 square foot, one bedroom apartment
  • A washer and dryer located in suite, as well as all kitchen appliances, including a dishwasher and above range microwave
  • A dressing area and walk-in closet
  • A five minute drive to work from a building located in the Brewery District, just on the edge of downtown.
  • A covered parking space, which is hard to come by in Columbus, strangely enough
  • A common area with a fitness centre that is so well equipped that I don't feel the need to join an outside gym. With a studio for yoga classes. And the ability to book personal trainers who work on contract through the space. And a pool.
  • Located near the biggest Kroger in the downtown area, with a great organic and health food section. I was there this afternoon. And it's bigger even then the supermarkets I'm used to from suburbia.
  • An internal entrance from the building hallway, and an external, private entrance with a stoop!
Oh, November 7, I can't wait for you to arrive. And not just because it means that I get to have my own DVR again. But that makes me happy too.

Work is busy. Busy, and full of meetings, but oh, so good. The people are smart and funny and passionate and inspiring to be around. And I'm very, very glad to be there. The weather has been mid-July amazing, and I am missing the bike that I though I wouldn't need to have with me until the spring of the new year!

Confidential to the Petro-Canada crowd, I'll be making use of your awesome yoga-inspired gift next weekend, once my klutz-ass foot stops with the strained muscle. I seriously, seriously can't wait. Especially to let Julie know of Collin's mad-crush. And Jay, the nano is my lovely best friend.

Happy Thanksgiving, you Canadians, you.

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