Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In Which I Get Stuck In An Elevator

So, I have a bit of a pulled muscle in my right foot (and that's all I'm going to say about that, as I have vowed to myself not to injury-blog anymore) and I've been using the office's elevator to get up to my desk on the fourth floor in the mornings. Of course, since it's easier on the foot to walk down four flights, I've still been trampling down the stairs, but going up? Going up is motorized, for the moment.

Well, it was motorized. Until this morning.

Getting to work, I stepped into the elevator with two co-workers. We hit the 3rd and 4th floor buttons. The elevator doors closed. And the elevator promptly took us to the basement.

And wouldn't open its doors.

Pressing other floor buttons did nothing.

Pressing the door open button was ignored.

You know that alarm button? It sounds a bell IN the elevator, and, I fear, no where else.

I spotted the elevator phone box, and we made a call to the elevator company. The man on the other end couldn't tell us when someone would be there to let us out.

I looked at the doors. I thought about all the TV shows and movies I've seen. I thought about the fact that we had come to a landing on the bottom level of the elevator shaft. I said, "I wonder if we can pry open the doors".

I took ahold of one half of the pair, and one of the other women took ahold of the other, and pry it apart we did, allowing us all to tumble into the hallway.

And walk up five flights to begin the work day.

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