Monday, January 15, 2007

What, You Don't Post, and You Don't Give A Reason?

I know, I usually chatter on about the things that get in the way, but those things usually involve travel. Or monkeys. Or traveling with monkeys in a traveling monkey circus staffed by monkeys and robots and pirates.

Truth is, although I may be that girl who announces to the office at large "Just so you know, I did NOT pee myself. But I did spill herbal tea in my crotch just now", even when wearing black pants, when it comes to real-life bits? I'm a pretty private person.

But to get to the point of things: Last week, my Oma (for those not of Dutch or German descent, that would be grandmother) died. I think I avoided blogging about it for a number of reasons: she had been ill, and quietly dying, for quite a long time, and, to be truthful, unlike most people that I know, I wasn't close to my Oma. It's hard to know how to respond to heartfelt expressions of sympathy when you don't feel the deep kind of pain that, for instance, my mom felt at Oma's passing. And I didn't want to come across like I was looking for sympathy. If anything, the only thing that I wanted to do was be sympathetic, and be there for my mom, however she needed me.

And so I bring this all up to just be a horrible person. At a family member's passing, the crazy huge extended family that I'm a part of gathers. And this weekend, I saw cousins and children of cousins that I had either not seen for years, or, in fact, ever met. And I became transfixed by a hairstyle on one of my cousins that I hadn't seen since Rick Springfield, circa 1982.

I am a bad, bad person.

I have no excuse.

And the thinking back on the hair? It is still making me laugh.

I think I may be beyond repair.

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