Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Hello, Darkness

I have an incredibly precise body clock that, 95% of the time, wakes me up before my alarm goes off.

I'm currently in a place that is 3 hours behind my normal time zone.

My head knows this. My internal clock? Give it a big fuck you, and continues to wake me up at my normal, rut-like weekday wake-up time.

This, however, does have it's advantages, as I am able to have the hotel gym to myself, and rewatch episodes of Angel, The X-Files and ER (from when Mark Greene was still alive, not that stinky, Stamos-filled drama of today. Oh, Stamos, other then Blackie, you are just no good.) while working out.

I'll be happy to travel home tomorrow. And then head out across time zones again next week. Except that last bit is actually more a resigned bitterness. Because, on top of a 2 hour difference, visiting Calgary in the winter brings a deathly, skin cracking cold dryness.

Maybe I should just stay in California?

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