Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Flying. Again.

I know, I just got back. But I'm off to Calgary for work this evening. I feel like I need to start purchasing Carbon Offset Credits.

Read about it here:


Kate said...

I bought a terrapass last year. I really like what they stand for and how they've packaged it. If it takes good marketing and public recognition to get some good environmental practices going - so be it.

I also started purchasing carbon offsets last year.

Also, interestingly, for business travel I began expensing them. And no one complained. Which might be an interesting public relations point .. a large energy company reimbursing for carbon offsets.

Hmmmm ...

Melissa said...

Lady, you make an interesting point. One that I reckon I need to bring up with one LoLe when I get back to the office on Monday.

PS: I am so excited to see you on Thursday!