Friday, May 09, 2008

Amano, Hermano

Via and their Soopz network, this week I received three Amano Single Origin dark chocolate bars in the mail.

I heart dark chocolate, but I'm very demanding and more then a little snobbish about it. I am happy to report that Amano's bars made my heart flutter and my tastebuds dance with delight. All three are lovely, shiny looking bars with a strong snap. And talking about snap, each bar can be broken (or, using my preferred method of cutting with a serrated knife) into 15 squares, making sampling all three in one sitting an easy task.

The Ocumare (70% cacao - Venezuela) is the most typical of the bars. But when I say typical, I perhaps mean traditional tasting, as it stays truest to what you would expect in a dark chocolate. But, at the same time, it brings that flavour profile to a completely different level. Deep, and dark and peppery. This is a small bite bar, for sure - which just means that the savouring and tasting can go on for days.

The Cuyagua (70% cacao - Venezuela) is the newest, and limited edition, product in the Amano line-up. Though still possessing a lovely dark chocolate canvas, it layers on sweeter berry and tree-fruit flavours to an excellent effect.

The Madagascar (70% cacao - Madagascar) is my favourite, through and through. Biting into a square was revelatory, as the dark, deep chocolate was imbued with an excellent tart, tangy and citrus-y note. It also had a lovely, lighter feeling on the tongue then the more buttery feeling Ocumare.

Heart dark chocolate. Heart Amano. The end.


Blake said...

What an impressive piece of writing! Love the post, but more importantly, love your style. It's sharp and concise. You conveyed the experience of tasting the chocolate in just a few words, but it comes through loud and clear. Your's is blogging at it finest. I look forward to reading more of your stuff. Great to know you!

Melissa said...

You are a sweetheart, Blake.

Mark Boxshus "Cookie Doctor" said...

Your critique is lovely, precise and matter of fact. I just received my Amano today, and can't wait to experience the adventure at hand.


Melissa said...

Aw, thanks Mark. Can't wait to see what you think of the bars!