Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Have Problems with Cell Phones

I can't use them.

Okay, I can, but not very well.


I put it down to both disinterest, and the fact that, without prior experience, it's pretty much impossible to just pick one up and make a call. See, my lack of desire to be able to be reached whenever and where ever - I couldn't even tell you what my cell number is without looking it up - has lead to my resistance to learning how to use a technology that's so much more complex then it needs to be.

If I could have a cell phone that had an ON/OFF button, an ANSWER button, and a HANG UP button, along with all the numbers, I would possibly use mine more often. Possibly. Okay, probably not, but I'd be much happier when I did make use of it.

I don't think there's been such a device since the times of Zach Morris.

PS: It's impossible to find a picture of Morris on his cell phone, so I made the picture you see above. I am a talented lass.

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