Sunday, September 07, 2008

Since Saturday

Movers came to pack up my things. Crossing into Canada is much more involved then crossing into the US. It includes meeting the truck at a Customs clearing house! Oh, my. So that border crossing scares me a bit, and if anything can make it go smoother, I'm all over it. Getting your mover to pack the things they carry is one of those things.

Movers came to load up their truck with my things.

I drove from Columbus, OH to Burlington, ON. Only four (count them, four) pee stops. Best songs heard on the radio: Kiss by Prince, and the three-song-spread from a station in PA that saw Kim Mitchell followed by Rush followed by Skid Row. If there was ever a musical sign that this girl made the right decision to head back into Canada, this was it. When I got to the Peace Bridge border, Immigration asked me a couple of questions and accepted my surrendor of my I-94, and Customs stamped my Canadian car re-entering the country, and allowed me to declare all of my stuff on the moving truck that will arrive on the 9th, making claiming my things at the Customs clearing house next week so much easier.

I'm staying in Burlington, at my parents' place, until my things arrive on Sept 9. Its lovely to have a welcoming home, and a bed to sleep in, while I wait!

Re-registered my car, and exchanged my OH drivers license for an ON one. While the whole moving process is more difficult, the licensing one? Much easier. No need to write a driver's knowledge test, or take a driving test. Take that, OH.

Picked up the keys to the townhouse I'm renting, and dropped off some of the things I brought over in my car.

Bought a new computer - the Dell Inspiron 1525. It is pretty and red, and I must confess a liking for the Windows Vista interface. Does that make me a fool?

Reconnected with my gym-friends here in Burlington.

Was able to get Rogers Cable to move up the appointment I have to have digital cable, internet and phone service connected from Sept 25 to Sept 12! Only 2.5 days without TV. Though, I know, that will still seem like a lifetime.

To come: meeting the movers and moving into my place in Waterloo on Sept 9. Figuring out which gym location in the region will become my new home. Exploring the cities. And starting work on Sept 15!


roro said...

Dude! Welcome home! Your list of brisk moving accomplishments is making me feel like one of the Mystics from the Dark Crystal.

Melissa said...

Ha! Does that mean I get to be a Gelfling, because, really, hot damn!

Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I am the events coordinator for Kultura Social Dining, which you mentioned in one of your articles. Anyway it says there that you are currently staying in Burlington and I thought you should know that the owners of Kultura will be opening a new restaurant in late June/early July called "Eatalia" in downtown Burlington on the water near Brant street. I just thought I would let you know so you can check it out. Feel free to contact me at if you need more information or for reservations and thanks for recommending us on your blog!