Sunday, June 08, 2008

TINY MANGO PIES! But first, some other things.

It's been awhile, no? A lot's been going on. I went back home to visit, and had a final dinner at Susur. And while I am sad his Toronto location is closing (Lee isn't the same, kids), I am excited to see what he opens in NYC.

The Toronto weekend was incredibly fun. I heart being happy like that.

What else? Oh, I'm riding a lot. On my bike. AND ON A HORSE. That's right, Jen, Allison and I started horseback riding lessons yesterday. We all spent hours on horseback as children, but - well, we're children no more. Loving it. LOVE.

And on to the pies.

Because we can't help but fall in love with awesome, tiny food, Jen and I decided to steal this idea from NotMartha and make tiny pies in 4oz jars this afternoon. Jen took the first 3 pictures, and I took the rest.

I give you: Wee Mango Pies


Anonymous said...

Adorable! They look scrumptious!


Melissa said...

Thank you! They were almost too much fun to make, and tasted divine as well.

tinyunicorn said...

would you mind posting the recipe for these tiny gems? the filling looks delicious!