Thursday, April 26, 2007

Short Attention Span Theatre

This one is for Kate.

So today, I came across a web-based drama called Prom Queen. Produced by Michael Eisner's new company (yes, that Michael Eisner), this is the first funded piece of daily episodic online video that actually does what other online soaps try to do - bring the teen drama to the web. Okay, so the teen drama is already there, but in moving, fictional, picture form.

What's more interesting is the non-video aspects of the project - forums, contests, a MySpace page, sponsorship by a big-name, forthcoming movie release, episode tagging, direct access to all past episodes, and the ability for sadsack bloggers like me to embed them in their own pages. Like the collection of the first week that you see below.

Online Videos by

Too bad the story is kind of sucky.

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